I've been playing for about 4 years now and i've never really gotten into the whole "sweep picking" thing since i never had to use it and i just didn't care for it but a couple months ago i felt like branching out and trying some new things so i got to sweep picking.

I can do it obviously at a slow pace, i got the general idea right but when it comes to doing it at a faster speed i just can't do it. Something is wrong in my form or my technique that keeps me from doing it correctly.

I'm just looking for suggestions for things to practice with, or warm up routines that i should do to get the hang of it. Maybe lessons that can break it down step by step so i can pinpoint what i'm doing wrong.

When i try to practice it, i start with a 3 string sweep, starting really slow then gradually increasing speed and if i stay with the same notes i can do it pretty fast, but if i try to add anything like a pull off or hammer on it gets all thrown to shit. I practice it again with the add-on but again when i get to a certain speed the whole thing goes to hell so i don't know.
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I think you really just have to keep at it. a couple of months isnt that long for a technique that can be become really complex. Use a metronome and know that you'll have periods that are huge leaps and LONG plateaus. Nothing awesome comes easy I've recently (within the last 2 yrs) have started into sweeping also and am finally getting close to the speed and clarity I've been looking for. But damn sometimes things seem like forever when you want it that bad!
try 5 string sweeps too.

just be sure to play correctly, and to keep your picking hand as steady as possible.

do not pick each string individually, but move your picking hand in ONE fluid motion, striking the strings just as you fret them. Its called a "sweep" for a reason.
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Yeah....try varying your attempts by using a turning wrist motion vs. a stiff wrist and moving elbow motion. I do lots of sweeps naturally now but it took time to evolve and it wasn't a goal I really set. My playing just sort of went there so I can't lay out how I came by it. I will say that I have a right hand style that uses a pick and fingers...no speed picking or strumming. That style may have led naturally to sweeping. I dunno.
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