I've been wanting to buy the LTD EC-401 for a while, but while I was browsing my local guitar store, I came across an Ibanez ARZ400. I didn't really get much time to play it, but it sounded pretty good. Which is better, in your opinion?
Personally I'd prefer the ltd because of the extra jumbo frets which make it easier to play vs the medium on the Ibanez.
get the LTD, the 401 is pretty much the same model as the ec-1000. i think that would be the best choice. The arz400's are cool but i think the 401 is a little above in quality than the arz. I think the 401 has better pickups as well.

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Id go for the ec401, ibanez guitars are becoming to risky in their resale value. You get next to nothing for secondhand Ibanez's unless its a rare model

Plus you have world guitars QC on the ltd which is a very good quality control setup
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Looks like it's pretty unanimous. I was leaning more toward the EC to begin with, but just wanted to see what everyone else thought. Thanks a bunch guys.