I'm looking to buy a new tune-o-matic bridge as well as some locking tuners for my LTD V-500. I don't really know a whole lot about bridges and tuners but it seems like not all tune-o-matics have the same dimensions so this is where I need your help!

This is my guitar: http://www.musoscorner.com.au/site/index.cfm?prodname=ESP-LTD-V-500&module=STORETIGERV2&bit=products&product_id=185399&storepid=1

I saw the Gotoh bridges online for a pretty good price. Would they fit on my guitar ok? Is there any other bridges worth recommending or will the Gotoh do the trick? I'm looking to reduce string breakage and have abit more tuning stability.

Also, i'm after some locking tuners. Do these come in different dimensions as well? I've been tossing up between schaller and sperzel. I've heard great things about sperzel but my local guitar luthier has a big thing against them for some reason and recommends going for schaller :/.

get a tonepros bridge and sperzel locking tuners, ive tried pretty much every other kind of bridge and tuner out there and thats all i will use now
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Are there any websites that ship tonepros to Australia? I was going to get everything from Stewmac but they don't sell tonepros . Would the Gotoh still be alright though? I just need good tuning stability and the Gotoh bridge + sperzel tuners sounds like it would do me quite well.

Edit: Also the dimensions is what i'm worried about, i don't want to buy a bridge then find out i can't use it. There are so many tonepros bridges as well, any model in particular i should go for?
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