in the market for a new amp. Recently i've been thinking that it might be better to get some sort of POD, because i play a a lot of different styles and i like to experiment with different things. I'm pretty sure it's possible to go from a pod to a power amp to a cab, i just have no idea what it involves, which is where i need the help.

So i need a power amp, but i've no clue about them so if someone could recommend me a fairly cheap £150ish to go from probably some sort of rack pod, but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know, into some sort of 4x12.

Playing an Ibanez MTM2 and a jap strat running into, well, nothing.

i play mainly post rock/metal, most of the "cores" and the generic stuff like that. But also jazz and blues.

TL;DR recommend me a power amp to run a pod into a 4x12
rocktron velocity 100 power amp. it is pretty cheap and i like rocktron products, for me they have been reliable.

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