Anybody gotta clue why Ludwig switched the order of the Adagio and Scherzo in the 9th? I'm doing a paper for college and can't seem to find any information on it. I saw a discussion that said it was because of the way the Adagio (B-flat major) transitioned harmonically to the chorus (F major) and that there was no way he could transpose the Scherzo (D minor) to match that but D minor is the the relative to F major so I don't know why that's even an argument, both work equally well.

Anyways, anyone know?
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Why not chromatics? Chromatic harmony was the "new thing" in the romantic era.
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because he wanted to mindfudge the audience.

seriously, this. while that harmonic thing you said probably was a factor, the biggest factor was messing people's shit up/making alterations to the established convention. it's the one annoying thing about Beethoven, he hardly did anything for music's sake, he was very much a composers composer and did things just to be different/the arteest etc.

but he's ok i guess. short answer, to mess with convention.