So I'm thinking about getting a new guitar and I had my eye on the Ibanez RG1550ML until I realized that I couldn't get a rosewood fretboard on it (stupid mistake, I know). I don't like maple fretboards too much.

Now I'm thinking about getting a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 and I don't really know what a FR (Floyd Rose) tremolo is. To the best of my knowledge it somehow helps your guitar stay in tune. I play in drop tunings most of the time, anywhere from drop C# to Drop B or C# standard, and I switch tunings fairly often.

So basically, do any of you know of any lefty (preferably RG) models that Ibanez makes with rosewood fretboards, and can any of you explain what a Floyd Rose Tremolo is and how it might benefit me?
I second Cyngus's post. I've had both, and I'd rather change tunings with a stop tail or string through than a floyd. Trems are good for certain things, but it's much much easier to change tunings frequently with a bridge that's fixed or set. That's not to say it can't be done on a trem, but it's more involved and complicated.
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A Floyd Rose is just a tremolo with a locking nut at the top of your guitars fretboard. I have a FR on my guitar and i change tunings alot so i have my bridge blocked, so that it can dive, but not raise notes in pitch. I like the floyd but a stoptail or string through is best if you are going to change tunings alot. if you are set on getting a tremolo check out this site


it has good instructional videos about installing parts and whatnot, and the guy who runs the site Adam Reiver sells upgrade parts and other stuff for tremolos
Quote by Cyngus
dont get a floyd rose if you are changing tunings often

This. A floyd is a locking tremolo system, that stays in tune relly well, but can be difficult to adjust tunings with.
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I find that you don't want to have a floyd rose trem unless you want to do some crazy whammy bar tricks, or only play in one tuning, in which case the tuning stability is easily dead-on. But they're a bitch to meddle with if you change tunings a lot.

A hardtail guitar WILL stay in tune just fine as long as it's correctly set-up. In most cases, the nut isn't correctly cut, and it's a major problem that causes the guitar to go out of tune.

Then again, a locking nut - that FR guitars sport- is good, as it'll be able to handle pretty much any string gauges without having to modify it in any manner, whereas a traditional nut may have to need it's grooves cut wider and deeper for thicker gauges. It's also sort of a no-turning-back type of a thing, as a groove that's cut for a .60 string will then be too big and low for a .46 or a .50.

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So I will probably end up playing between 11-56 gauge and 10-46 gauge, so will a a nut filed for a .56 not work for a .46 anymore? And I typically switch tunings maybe twice a week but since I will have a new guitar I might only switch tunings once every 2 weeks or so. If it only takes 15 extra minutes to tune with a FR and there is no damage to the guitar, wouldn't it be better? I am willing to spend a little bit on tuning seeing as I will have a guitar for standard and drop D, and one for lower tunings I should only have to change once every 2 weeks or so like I mentioned.