I have only been to one wedding in my life, and this will be my second. Last time, my family criticized me for wearing such a dark color to a wedding (it was navy blue). So this time, I thought that I would ask for some advice.

I was going to wear a purple cocktail dress, but I had a short notice that the wedding colors are silver, white, and pink. I'm kinda helping out so I thought that I would match the wedding color but I only have one dress that matches the color.

There wasn't a notice that the wedding was formal but it is during the early evening, so I might be able to pull this off but I also didn't want to be over-dressed. Do you think that it's okay to wear? or should I just go with a purple cocktail(a bit less formal)?
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I would never wear that dress to a wedding. But I'm a dude, so I probably wouldn't wear many dresses on any occasion.

That is complete bullshit and you know it

We go out every friday night like that!
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Wow, this is a really subtle ad-bot

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