Do you guys this this is a waste of money for a beginner?
I know the quality it's not going to be great on this guitar but I wonder if they can actually help to learn the guitar faster.


This guitars range from 300$ up to 800$. With the included software they will show fingering position on the guitar.
I know it's not ideal to learnt he guitar this way but at my late age anything to speed up the process.
Im self taught and learned from a tab book, and honestly don't know anything about these, but for $500-$800 you can get a pretty good guitar. Just understand I've never used a Fretlight guitar. (I'd personally get a better guitar and a teacher than the fret light.)
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they seem legit plus you can use it with guitar pro.
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i can't see the merit in this product. it might help an absolute beginner a tiny bit by making things super obvious, but once a few chords are under the fingers i don't see what it can do for anyone who can read tabs. and in the long run, it'd probably just become a crutch.
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I will warn you that staring at fretboard all afternoon is a great way to end up with neck pain.
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I will warn you that staring at fretboard all afternoon is a great way to end up with neck pain.

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