So I bought an epiphone hummingbird, and I'll need a guitar to play live on august. So I was wonderin is a pickup worth risking a guitar? Because if I'm going to put a pickup I'll definitely put a preamp most likely a belcat digital. So what are your ideas?
I don't think there are any here in the philippines... But is putting a preamp a good idea??
It personal preference. Some people like the tone-shaping ability you get with a preamp. I just prefer a passive system, or at most a volume control and phase switch. You can buy K&K pickups straight from the manufacturer; For a Discount!
I have used Fishman soundhole pickup in my Hummingbird, it's not bad. I also have two other guitars, one with L.R. Baggs Element (same as the Gibson hummingbird and J-45 come with) and the other with L.R. Baggs iBeam. I like them both. They both have a "pre-amp" with a little volume control knob.

What kind of show are you playing and what kind of amp will you be using?
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Its a lot easier to just mike the guitar up. I have seen alot of guitars with electric's added but for my money factory fitted is the best. I find it easier to get a more natural acoustic sound from the mike, but hey depends on what sound you after . Cheers
More of a school band show, I have no idea what kind of amp we're gonna use assuming an amp is gonna be used or we can connect it directly to the sound mixer.

Using a mic is kind-of hard it makes you scared to move freely that's why I kinda don't want to use a mic while performing. and from my stratacoustic guitar I like it plugged that's why I was wonderin whether an epi hummingbird would sound good plugged also
well just so you know, Gibson uses a L.R. Baggs Element in the new Hummingbirds and J-45's, and I like how they sound for sure!
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