density and surface area of contact -> resonance and vibration of the strings.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Yes, the tail piece effects the tone. Generally, guitars with top mounted vibrato tail-pieces like a Bigbsy have better sustain and a mildly diminished high end, guitars with interior machinery (Fender synchronized tremolo, Floyd Rose, etc.) have less sustain and more high end, guitar with stop bars will usually have more mid range and resonance and moderate sustain, guitars with Tune-o-matics usually have more mid range and bass, and guitars with "hard tail" bridge like telecasters usually have more sustain, snap and high end.

Maestro and Vibrola are names for the same type of tail piece; there are different types, like the different types of Bigsby, but they are essential the same thing. Either way, if you have the option to get a Maestro/Vibrola, don't. The Bigsby is much better (provided you don't want to do up bends, you can pop the strings of if bent up too high).
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And trapeze tailpieces completely suck your sustain.
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