I'm considering changing a pickup in my Schecter C1 Hellraiser ( http://schecterguitars.com/Products/Guitar/Hellraiser-C-1.aspx ). The current pickups are stock--active EMGs, both coil tapped. I was wondering if it was possible to put a single coil Gibson P94T ( http://store.gibson.com/Products/Pickups-and-Electronics/Single-Coil-Pickups/P-94T.aspx ) in the guitar. Is it possible to change the bridge pickup to a P94T without running into any problems with the active pickup setup or the coil tapping?

You'd need to do some pretty serious wiring tweaks, but it should be possible.
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Thanks! I think I'll go with plan b.... find a cheap ibanez hollowbody on cl and stick a p94t in that (no active pickups, just non-tapped humbuckers)... Would that be an easier project?
You could. But both EMG and SD state that it's better not to mix passive pickups with active.
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So it would work if I were to put the p94T in a guitar with passive humbuckers?
Thanks everyone that has helped me!