Ive got graphtech string saver saddles. I lost the allen key. Anyone know where I can find one? I believe its .05 in measurement, its really small.
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Graphtech is based in America, so they use SAE measurements, which will be in inches.

i was poking fun at the fact that he didn't give a unit of measurement.
any hardware store anywhere

just buy a good set of allen keys, preferably one that comes with both metric and imperial sizing. they last forever (so long as you don't lose any) and will repay your initial investment many times over.

just don't buy any from graphtech (or any guitar company). they're overpriced for a generic tool
Do not waste money on the sets that fold up. Buy the sets with individual wrenches in a plastic holder. If you can find the ones with ball ends on them buy those. You will thank me some time in the future for the suggestion.

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