hey all im in the market for a poweramp to use as i want to concert to all rack gear, the thing is ive left the poweramp till last (pretty studpid hey) and came across the Marshall EL34 50/50 for a reasonable price $550 AUD....was also considering the roctron velocity range aswell as the Peavey PV900

basically what i want to know is anyones experiences with any of these poweramps good and bad or any advice at all regarding poweramps and if the EL 50/50 has the balls to play live whilst still having enough guts to go louder..

ill also be running Boss Gt Pro, Rocktron Hush Super C and an Ada MP-1 3.666 mod along with the poweramp i get.....looking to play a variety of tones and sounds, from 80's RACER X and Cacophony tones through to heavy metal tones from Dream Theater and last but not least just some 80's old school rock Whitesnake, Lynch Mob, Scorpions etc etc

thanks a bunch..
They are a fine power amp. Would suit you well. You'll never turn it up to 10, they are seriously loud. I think I can see the one you are looking at. Looks in pretty good knick, I'd grab it if you can.
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Well, if it sounds remotely similar to my Marshall poweramp (mine runs 6l6's, so there will be some discrepancies) it will be friggin loud enough to shatter eardrums, but they will add a little bit of the marshall coloration to the tone. Sounds like you'll have a great rig for what you are planning to do. The mp-1s and marshall poweramps sound like 80s metal.
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