So I want to get into building amps ; it is more or less my official summer project. I either want to recreate a Marshall Plexi ( but at lower volumes ) or a Fender Bandmaster head. I have absolutely no background in mechanical engineering or anything of the sort. I just have an idea of the sound I want. Where are some resources that I can take a look at to help build? Other forums?

I know there are a lot of "build your own" type kits from companies like Ceriatone, Metro Amps etc but I want to actually start from NOTHING and make an amp. Any suggestions?
become an electrical engineer? seriously though if you have no experience in electronics i would start with a kit if i were you, starting from scratch would take alot of time and effort and isn't exactly as easy as reading instructions from a book.
Starting from scratch will be much more difficult, especially if you have no experience with soldering. If you want to recreate them, why go through the whole process of designing your own amp which may or may not get the tone you're after? If you just want to do the physical building and layout yourself, but use a previous schematic, that will be a little easier. You'll still have to source the parts, which allows you to tailor a lot of the more subtle characteristics of the amp.

check out the books at pentode press.

merlin's books are great as well

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