Got a Fender MIM strat that I've modded

I currently have a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge with two stacked single-coils pickups in the middle and neck positions, Seymour Duncan is wired to a push/pull coil tap.

I've got a Dimarzio DP184 , and plan on installing it in the neck position very soon, but I also want to add another tone knob for the neck pickup, and another volume knob, and instead of having a master volume for the entire guitar, just have one volume for the neck pickup, and the other for the bridge and middle pickups, possibly even a third volume knob for the middle one as well.

So the upgrade I'm thinking of would be:
Neck (Dimarzio): Volume, Tone, Coil Tap.
Middle (stack) : Volume, Tone
Bridge (Seymour Duncan dual rail): Volume, Tone, Coil Tap

I'm thinking, if this setup is even possible, that I could just wire both the Dimarzio and the Seymour Duncan to a coil tap SWITCH, instead of my current push/pull tone pot.

Any thoughts on how to pull this off?
you can use one switch to control two coil taps, I've got a push pull pot on my Jackson that controls both pickups