Me playing the solo to Steve Vai's classic "Tender Surrender".

Please crit, rate and comment but be respectable, and of course C4C if you have any videos! Please subscribe or check out my other videos too if you're interested or like my playing.

Thanks! Enjoy!

Steve Vai's Tender Surrender Solo Cover
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Wooow, this is really good. One thing I'd wanna point out is that your guitar's volume is just a tad too soft to hear what you're doing well. Other than that, good playing. You seem relaxed and not struggling (or at least not too much), which is good!
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Banned because Raep = Me Gusta

-tone 5/5
-notes 5/5
-expression 5/5

omg that was perfect, the legato was clean, you got the notes done excellently and the recording quality, although not perfect, showed how clean your playing was, and how clear the tone was

that was one quality cover.
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some dream theater there for you haha
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wow! that was insane!!! everything was spot on perfect! absolutely nothing to critique.

well maybe one thing .... do the full song ... i mean .... YOU might as well lol

check out my song, you could have some good critique for me:

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I don't know why you would put this here because obviously we have nothing to tell you except that you are an amazing guitar player.

I mean, do you really think you need feedback for your video ? You don't man, it's as good as it gets.

I don't want to sound like a dick but I think feedback means you actually need help for improving a technique or an area of a song. Not showcasing your ability.

I'm a beginner on guitar, but if I could play half as good as you I wouldn't be here! Just sayin.

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I don't agree with the above post, although he is good, there are some room for improvements, and that is what he wants to hear. Also a beginners ears might not be develloped well yet.

I don't believe in 100 % accurate covers, simply because of the fact you cannot outdo the orignal....(if you try to do it note for note that is)

moving on to the crit:

at 0.31 you seem to improvise the legato part, and at 0.54 the sweeping is a bit unclear..
plus, like the other guy pointed out, the volume of your guitar should be a tad up ;-)

All of this is of course nitpicking, the rest was marvelous !

keep on rockin bro !

check out my cover, would love to hear some feedback from you:


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i don't agree with 'alans056' either ......... no matter what level of guitarist you are, there is ALWAYS someone that can offer you advice, or a new perspective on anything.
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at 0.31 you seem to improvise the legato part, and at 0.54 the sweeping is a bit unclear..

Nitpicking would be complaning about the whammy bar parts not being 100% correct, lol. Crit is pretty much what you mentioned at 0:31 and 0:54. He also had some speed troubles at 1:57 while changing positions.

But seriously you did a great job otherwise. You pretty much nailed everything except what me and the other guy mentioned, and those mistakes were so small and miniscule in comparision of how well you did throughout the rest of the cover that they don't even matter. Not to mention getting it all in one take. The length of the solo alone can make stuff really hard to remember and nail 100% in context with the song. Much less learning a steve vai solo.

Great job man. you did a better job than vai does live! haha. but for real, steve is great. For example, this is awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiXR9ggRdFI

Thanks for all the comments guy! If you really think i play that well, subscribe and support my youtube page! Plenty more covers and some originals coming now that i'll have time this summer. The people who asked for crits...they're on the way