what'd you think of the season opener? still think this "new" direction will only last a few episodes?
I actually liked it. The whole "Aqua Unit" thing will probably only be a few episodes or maybe the full season.
^ yeah, either way the episode tonight was funny enough that I don't care which direction they go. Steven wrights character was classic ATHF.
I liked it. It's probably going to end in a few episodes, I can't see them continuing with it for an entire season. But even if they would, it'll stay classic ATHF material.

Laughed at a few parts, as always.
yeah, I thought it'd be done by episodes end when frylock said "this new shows is dumb let's go back to the old one" or something to that effect.

but I was wrong. I really want to see Willie Nelson again. and Mothmonsterman (random, I know but I love h Jon Benjamin). and the frat aliens of course.
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