I'm a guitar player and I've been playing electric almost exclusively for over 20 years. I have been more of a part timer for the last ten years or so, so my chops aren't really polished. I'm looking to get into some bluegrass. I'm wondering if anyone has some pointers on how to start to get into it. Who to listen to, some techniques to practice, etc. I'm mostly a flat picker and I bight my nails like they're made of bacon! (Who doesn't love bacon??) So my finger picking is really not tight and is done with the meat of my fingers. I listen to a lot of Grateful Dead and have been listening to some stuff that Jerry Garcia did solo if that gives you an idea of what has recently inspired me to explore this genre.

Anyhow, any advice on this would be appreciated.
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First, let me recommend the Flatpicker's Hangout forum:


Where you'll likely find all the resources you need.

There are any number of fantastic players in this genre, and you'll find that playing proper bluegrass rhythm is nearly as demanding as playing lead lines.
Try listening to Tony Rice, Doc Watson, and Norman Blake for starters. Concentrate on getting that "boom-chicka-boom" rhythm down, and start working on single-string lines.
The standard practice mode is fiddle tunes, and the site listed will have tabs and recordings of all the standards.
Good luck; I've been enjoying bluegrass for many years, even though I don't have that "high lonesome" voice.....
Bikewer hit it on the head. Tony Rice is a beast. Also check out Ricky Skaggs. I can't remeber his guitar players name, but hes good too.
I do sure love me them Gibsons boy
Check out some Union Station with Allison Krauss, their guitar pickers are great.
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