Good cover man. Your tone is pretty poor, needs more distortion; however I know how a shit camera can make even the best sounding guitar sound like dog poo. Song is well executed
thanks guys!
yeh i know my tone is pretty poor haha- i'm recording through an iphone
also, i couldn't use my normal, heavy tone cos i need to set a clean tone on my amp and then put distortion in through my boss ds-1 so i can change to play the clean bit too

but to tell you the truth, i think the amount of distortion is enough for this song, although i will still take your opinions into account for the next time i record.

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I don't know the song too well but I liked it a lot. Tough to get a great tone trhough an i-phone lol but it was enjoyable to listen to for a cover
It's pretty good.

There is one thing in the guitar world I hate, and it's the sound of an unplugged electric guitar... it just makes me shriek on the inside. Whenever you strum, i just get the feeling of nails on a chalk board cause I can hear the guitar over the amp. Try to get rid of that >.<

Other than that. Pretty impressive. Good work.