Hey guys,

The singer in my band (Ex Curia) put a demo of our track, "Saturated", up on Soundcloud. Would really appreciate constructive feedback, and the song won't make as much sense structurally, since it reprises a number if others we've done. I still think it stands on its own though.

I'm doing most of the rhythm guitars, the leads after the tapping/wah solo, and I'm the second voice that comes in at the end section (for anyone who's curious).

Enjoy! \m/

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Vocals seem too low in the mix in the beginning, and a bit dry - maybe try adding some little effects, like reverb or chorus.

Now his voice is swelling a bit, becoming a tad to high in the mix. The first vocal harmony sounds like one of the vocal tracks is off a tad bit, not in pitch but in time.

The guitars really need to come up, the vocals give them no room at all, in general they seem to lack some punch. Actually, vocals should probably come down, you might induce some clipping if the mix levels go too high.

The screams/growls that come in vary too much in volume, sounds like the singer is varying his distance from the microphone as he singing.

Solo tone is pretty solid, and pretty good. a harmony over the mellower tapping part would be nice, bring in some atmosphere.

The structure seems fine enough to me, nothing strange about it. Length is good, doesn't seem to drag itself out that much.

It is a demo, but adding some punch to drums and guitars is the most important step in advancing this I think. The vocal levels need to be evened out, they dominate the mix throughout most of the song.
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