OK Please help..... Bare in mind i am Blonde lmao

Got my Boss set up Acoustic & Mic..Do my thing..recorded 4 tracks!! played back..fabulous ( if i do say so my self!!! ) ok..so now i want to send it via usb to my Mac...so i plugs in my dufa..and send it over!!! Its just the guitar though...no vocals no percussion!!! ( what have a not done??? its obvious im missing something out...all four tracks will play together from the boss itself but not from the PC.. Told you im a dippy !!! HELP!!!

now on the other hand if i record in MP3 mode ie: Sing / Play simultaneously i can then send via usb and hey presto its there!!! BUT ITS BORING I WANT TO EXPERIMENT with more tracks.. & i might as well just record on my phone if im going to just do that...YAWN!!
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