Hi guys,

I've recently started trying to give my acoustic side project a good kick into action, and by familiarising myself with plenty of new tunings and new songs, I have broadened my musical horizons quite a lot.

However, when it comes to writing my own songs, I have so many faults, that I can't help but pick myself apart on...

-I write a guitar part, love it, record it, then listen back the next day, and hate it. I always find my melody too boring, or too simple, when I'd love to write beautiful, melodic songs.

-This is the same with vocal melody, I cannot write an interesting melody to save my life.

-I start writing lyrics, but on the off chance that I do find a good melody by accident, my lyrics are always clumsy and in order to say what I want to say, they end up becoming hard to put into a song, and waaay too simple, and boring.

What frustrates me more, is that I can write metal or indie within minutes, without much effort at all, but I just don't want to. Acoustic music is what I love, and what I would most like to be writing.

When I write acoustic music, it doesn't seem like a real song, but a terrible attempt at one. Perhaps its a confidence issue, but I get so frustrated with my own inadequacy, that it completely puts me off playing guitar, which makes me more annoyed.

Any help at all in getting out of this mindset, or giving me any advice at all would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance