Yay, I got it, from an unenthusiastic salesman, they set it up quite well! (He was only pissed off because I bought it for less than they ordered in for it )
anyway, I have NO case, NO gig bag for it, so itll be wrapped in a blanket for time till i get it lol.

Sorry, I havent uploaded a proper pic yet, I was excited ok!

So far from playing it through my VOX AC30(VR) the clean is astonishing! so clear, I love the Jazzmaster pickup and for the 4 hours ive had this thing, the humbucker is amazing for lead, but I love the combo aswell! Win Win Win! Also this doesnt have all the tone knobs on it, but to be honest, if your that specific with tone then you have to have a great amp for it or be fast with switches and knobs, I just like the simplicity of a tone and a volume, my other guitar (Epiphone Prophecy SG GX) has one volume control and a tone, but splits the humber into single coils with a pull/push on the volume knob.

What I love?
The Colour, its making me think Gibson Firebird of the white pick guard.
The feel of it sitting on my knee- this is one thing you have to love, being able to sit comfortably with the guitar.
The Simplicity in controls- Mentioned before
Slick Fretboard, lots of room!- On my epiphone it has 24 frets, cool huh, but not cool when you just wanna stick simply to powerchords and chunky riffs and bending, I love thicker fretboards because its easier on the higher notes.

What I dont Love?
At the moment the strings feel really slinky, so Ill hopefully shred them out so I can restring it.
The tremelo arm falls out....
I dont have a case for it yet!
Bitta buzzz, on the top E string
Bottom e string moves out of the bridge saddle :S - I just push it in when it does
^ Does this mean I needa get a mustang saddle?

anyway overall, i reckon this is awesome, I cant wait for it to get some live time and be on my demos in the near future!
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Bottom e string moves out of the bridge saddle :S - I just push it in when it does
^ Does this mean I needa get a mustang saddle?

There are other ways of dealing with it, but the Mustang Bridge/Saddles is the easiest and most effective.
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