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I got the iPhone 4 (verizon) a couple days ago and I absolutely love it. Before I got it I was looking at what jailbreaking it does and what advantages it has but now that I have one I just don't understand what the advantage of jailbreaking it is. Most of the "best jailbreak apps" videos show apps that just let you do little customizable things that really don't matter. Also a lot of the apps on the videos are things that you can do on the iphone nowadays. The only jailbreak app that I've seen that is cool is the one that lets you have a pattern lock like on android phones. Is jailbreaking pretty much not worth it anymore? Anybody know any good/practical reasons to do it? Also anybody know any sweet regular apps I can download?
I thought jailbreaking meant you could get any app for free?
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to teh iPhone FRED plz.

also, Jailbreaking is dumb IMO.

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