will that be enough for the neck to shift and create buzz ?

I would like to clean the fretboard but I'm worried I have to adjust the trussrod if I do... (I hate doing that it's scary and it's a pain in the ass).

I did it with my SG, had them off for a good 15 minutes while cleaning all the gunk from far too long between cleans, and neck was fine when I put new strings on.
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Thanks everyone.

But if I actually had to adjust the truss rod, it would be by TIGHTENING it right ? Because it would get loose with no strings... Or the other way around ?
Take all the strings off except the low e. And then clean. Then as you switch strings, clean the area where the low E string was.
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righty tighty lefty loosy

Yes I know, so "logically" (sorry I dont know if thats a word) with no strings, a neck well tend to loosen, right ?

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Take all the strings off except the low e. And then clean. Then as you switch strings, clean the area where the low E string was.y

Will that really maintain the neck pressure ?
I've left the strings off my guitar neck for a couple of days and nothing's happened to the neck, I'd say you're worrying about nothing
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Just take them all off, it won't hurt a damn thing.

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You'll be fine. The time you take to clean the fretboard and restring it won't be nearly long enough for the neck to warp.

Now if you were going to leave it unstringed for a week...
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Take them off, restring, dont touch the truss rod, if taking the strings off does change anything its likely to settle again after a day or two max.
To illustrate how little effect this has on the neck....

I removed a Floyd Rose by unhooking the springs and lifting the bridge off the guitar. I left the strings locked in the bridge and nut. I then proceeded to replace the pickups which probably took at least 30 minutes. Maybe an hour because I was on beer drinking time.

When I got done I remounted the Floyd Rose and attached the springs. The guitar was still in tune.
Totally safe, I've done this so many times and never had an issue. And by so many times, I mean literally hundreds of times on hundreds of guitars.
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Don't do it! It will divide by 0 and create a wormhole and either suck you in or alter the space time continuum by eliminating the invention of the guitar! Or maybe the neck will explode into toothpicks and possible poke you in the eye. You will wear safety glasses and display a caution sign right?

Or you could have just read the thread about this that was posted last week.