Hey guys,

I'm going to buy some stuff today at GuitarCenter and I saw this machine head that let's you switch from E toD: Hipshot-GT2-Electric-Xtender

Will it fit in an LTD ec-50 headstock? Will it harm the guitar? Will it have problem with the other tuning pegs? And is it worth it? Thanks!
Heres the thing, those hipshot tuners look and seem like a pretty cool idea, and I think that they work for bass a little better than they do for guitar.

It will work with you guitar, the installation is fairly easy but not as simple as the company makes it out to be.

When it comes down to it, they work but not as well as they say they do. It's not really that hard to tune from E to D, it takes like 5 seconds and only takes a minimal amount of ear training to get it right.

This will work, but you will have to adjust it frequently, becuase it wont drop to perfect pitch everytime. It will almost always be ethier sharp or flat.

But ya know, if you think its a good idea, go for it. I see the Bass guitar hipshots working better than the guitar ones though.
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