Hello fellas!

Today i was gonna look up the chords for some Leonard Cohen songs which i sometimes play/sing only to find that ALL tabs/chords on this artist was blocked..

Why is this?? I dont think L. Cohen would want this, ive heard him say that he likes when other people play his music.. so. I dont get it.. can someone explain this to me?
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I can't get them to work either, nor can a mate on her iPad. What's going on? It must be a technical problem if some users can view them - but it's a bizarrely widespread one. My browser's title turns to 'Blocked tablature' when I try and access the page.
Led Zeppelin tabs are blocked for me it says something about the copyright in my country I don't get it
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As it says on the page:

This tablature has been made unavailable in your country at the request
of the rights owner.