I don't know if any of you guys follow the Giro d'Italia, but I figured this news is important enough. 26-year old Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt has died as a result of a crash during today's stage 3 in the Giro d'Italia.

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2011/may/09/wouter-weylandt-giro-ditalia

I'm a big cycling fan and this is just terrible. I saw it live on tv and thought it looked pretty bad, but holy sh*t, I wasn't expecting this.

Thoughts? Comments?
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That's really sad...I feel bad for his family =/
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inb4 cool story bro
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I live in Belgium. Just heard the news. He was one of the most sympathetic cyclists out there.
Thank you for making this thread man
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holy shit this happened today??

I was watching the race live for a bit around an hour ago, thats so ****ed up. If i had kept watching i might have seen it

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Read about the fall earlier on, I was really hoping he would make it

Unfortunately, when you go 90kmh on a bike, accidents are bound to happen.

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I was watching it live as well, horrific images. My thoughts go out to his family.

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inb4 cool story bro

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It's especially sad considering that his wife was going to give birth in September, and the fact that he won the 3rd stage of the Giro last year (exactly a year ago I think).

Footage of the crash shows he actually may have broken his neck, among other injuries. Horrible way to go

RIP Wouter
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&#%$#%@#$# I hate it when that happens.
Smile when you say that.
&#%$#%@#$# I hate it when that happens.
Smile when you say that.
Man I saw it on TV today... I'm a big fan of cycling too. Wouter Weylandt was sympathetic, professional and a great sprinter.... Such a shame.

The TV production was a big fail too, might I add. They were showing Weylandt's lifeless body on TV for way too long. I hope the producer gets fired.

I only really follow the Tour de France but anything like this is terrible for the sport and, it goes without saying, a personal tragedy. Thoughts are with his family.


02theEdit: Just noticed

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It's especially sad considering that his wife was going to give birth in September

This makes it a thousand times worse.
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I tried to think of something to say about this, but I can't. There are no words for things like this.
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The Giro d'Italia passed right in my town today.
I wonder if this happened close by..

OT: That's terribly sad, especially 'cause of the girlfriend

R.I.P Wouter.
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