Just like guitar chords scale patterns can be transposed from one key to another. So basically a C-IONIAN pattern can be transposed to a D-IONIAN and so on for all the associated modes within that scale. This is just mathematics on a basic level.

The real issue comes when you have to deal with modes and transposing them. It is a headache when if i wanted to transpose the key of C (c-d-e-f-g-a-b) with its modes and transpose the entire scales and mode patterns into a new key. e.g D (d-e-f#-g-a-b-c#)
Even if i know how to transpose the scale i am still faced with a memory onslaught. 12 variations on 7 different phrases is an awe full lot to digest.

So with this in mind i came up with a rather simple piece of software that answers a few basic things.

1 - it lines up each scale with their modes across the entire chromatic scale.
2 - you can put in any scale count you want (so change to a persian scale and all of its mode will line up too)
3 - you can rotate each scale any way you want.
4 - you can hide phrases which is pretty nifty in isolating the tonic triad.

I have also implemented as a seperate application a simple viewer that shows all twelve of the most usefull scales such as harmonic minor, persian, prometheus, hindu. etc etc... for complete beginners i addes a transposer that shows how patterns can be transposed from one key to another.

Of course no system is perfect and there are plenty of other ways at arriving at exactly the same results. But for those of us who prefer to visualize what is happening. I think these tools may be of some use.


NOTE - it is a free app, nothing to buy on site, barely any advertising too. How do i add flash to site only way ic an possible think of showcasing the app without pointing to my site. thanks. as clearly there may be some issues with posting a direct link to site. So i would be more than happy to add the apps on here. they are written in flash thats the only issue and i cant figure it out.
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There's nothing wrong with adding links on the forum. However, advertising is a no-no.
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like i said i am happy to remove the link if mods dont like it. anyway idea how to post flash on the site? we are talking about tiny files here only 200kb or less. trouble is some of them aextend over 720px.
You guys are assholes. This guy just made a pretty kickass piece of software and you jump on it like it was an ad for cheap thai shoes. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
If you if didn't download the link the video on how to play 82+ under 5 minutes is pretty informative. It's very visual and if you didn't know about modes before it's easily explained. So I'm pretty sure this isn't a spam link...
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that was exactly my whole concept to begin with - visual. even as a static image i find it very useful ;-) well at least it is to me. others may disagree.
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You guys are assholes. This guy just made a pretty kickass piece of software and you jump on it like it was an ad for cheap thai shoes. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Advertising is advertising and rules are rules. If a rule is not applied to all things equally it is meaningless.
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Yup, advertising is advertising - I have no problem with you mentioning this in a thread if it's relevant to somebody's question but you can't create threads to promote it, free or not.

Also, I really don't see the point.
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