Hey guys...i wantd 2 buy an electric guitar and i hav budget of 400$...but im not able 2 decide wich 1...i play at an intermediate level
i saw a pretty cool CORT M600 and a CORT Z6,and a few ibenezs but cant mak up ma mind as 2 wich 1 2 buy... ireally need help
I'm learning myself, and I bought a budget friendly Squier Strat. Sure, its not like a real Fender, but its fantastic for learning and especially for getting used to Fenders. Of course, you could grab a Squier Tele as your first, but I don't believe you need to be picky when you are buying your first guitar. I find epiphones to be a little on the pricey side, but if you want a low budget Gibson, thts probably the way to go.

My Squier Strat was 250, and the Marshall 10 watt amp was 70. This gievs you 80 dollars for accessories, such as picks, instruction books, and more. Just don't worry about upgrading the guitar as a beginner. When you feel your good enough, buy a genuine Fender Stratocaster if you like strats, and if you want to go more pop, Telecasters are nice. For more raw music, like Nirvana style, Mustangs are good for this.

I play Fenders, and have never played a Gibson, so I may be biased on that part. But most people agree that Squiers are great for beginner guitars. Whether you like Fenders or not. The downside to Fenders is their weight, but as I said; don't be picky.