these are looking pretty good, anybody got one? how much gain can you get out of one and how good is the sound in general?
I have a Suhr Riot. It's quite a raw sounding distortion, really shines when it's coming through a fairly pushed clean channel of a tube amp. It has plenty of gain, but I find it a tad fizzy and shrill with too much distortion. It's quite middy, so it has a nice 'bark' to it.

What kind of sound are you looking for?
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It's got a decent amount of gain, but I wouldn't by it for any heavier than 80's metal. It's not a modern br00tz type of distortion.

That's where the Triple Wreck takes over
i play mostly metal but im looking for something with an early metallica sound like something off the first couple of albums. so yeh 80's metal sounds i guess

sorry for taking so long to reply - powercut

triple wreck is sounding pretty good for anything heavier than that never heard of the pedal before