hi there...

so im trying to record one of the songs ive wrote Using Sonar 8.5 and whatver i do i cant seem to get a sound similiar to the one i hear in records i know i wont be able to reach that quality but i checked Youtube and there are some cool qualities out there

im using :

Ibanez RGA42 with EMG 81\85
Line6 POD HD500 (it has an audio interface)
Sonar studio 8.5

i soft synthed the drum track using Superior drummer 2.0 and it has a very nice sound

and here's the track without vocals and hope that som1 can give me an advice where to start or what to do Regarding mixing and mastering

You should probably start reading a lot of guides and stuff before trying anything, but speaking very generally, making a record sounding good means making everything fit together.

Make sure every instrument has it's own frequency range and there isn't much overlapping, etc. otherwise things start to sound muddy. Like i said though, take some time to read some online guides because there's an awful lot you need to consider production-wise.

And i don't mean to put a downer on you but you won't reach 'record quality' any time soon, it takes a lot of practise. But keep at it and you'll notice improvements

- Jim
I can't hear anything particularly wrong with the quality and performance of your quality. What are you unhappy with, and what kind of sound are you going for? Saying you checked YouTube and heard some "cool quality" recordings (is that even a thing) is pretty vague.
well... i cannot explain but something is wrong... guitars sounds so live perormance like not that good quality ..
im aiming for a boomy filled sound... sometimes when the guitars stop its like a gab in sound and lead guitars sound too artificial
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I am using a custom made electric guitar with EMG 81 pickup and BOSS MT2 stomp box & Korg AX3000G, and also Lexicon Alpha Audio interface, with Cubase 5 recording software, till now i was using Korg for rec purpose but my band is not satisfied with the dist tone of korg and hv tried tweaking it since past 3 yrs and the best i could get was with Metal Dist G8.5 V9 T6 M4 B7 and which is pretty awesome sounding to me but not to my other members, and so i picked up my BOSS MT2 and started tweaking with it using my small Marshall amp n found out the tone is much heavier than korg and so i decided to record it but while rec the output of BOSS pedal is very minute and hardly audible.
Pls help me out on this ??????