I want to put my strat into Drop C#/C/B and i was wondering if id have any problems? i know i need heavier strings but im not sure what gauge and i know its not the ideal guitar for drop tunings but nevermind just want to make sure i wont have any problems.
You'll just run into the fret buzz. The springs might need to be tightened, but it won't be any more troublesome than any other guitar.
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In my experience, there isn't any such thing as a guitar that is suited for one tuning or another - the guitar doesn't care what tuning it's in. All it cares about is the amount of tension on the neck.

Lowering tuning lowers tension. Using thicker strings raises tension. There can always be a balance, or well within the ballpark of a balance. For instance, 11's in Drop C is similar to 9's in E Standard. (Just pulling that off the top of my head). It doesn't matter how low you tune, as long as you use thicker strings proportionate to how much you lower it, to maintain the same amount of tension on the neck.

And on top of that, even if it isn't the same, you have the truss rod. Basically, it's really hard to hurt or mess up a guitar.
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I use 13's for C and B in my les Paul. You will be fine. You will have to shave the nut to fit that large of strings though.
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yeah im already getting a bit of fret buzz of my strings at the minute and im only tuned to drop d but ill need to get a heavier gauge for drop c etc.