Hi guys, Recently traded into an ibanez sa1060z prestige. Guy got it from NAMM a few years back and he was a guitar collector. Anyway, guitar still has original strings there is some fret buzz on the G string around 5-6th frets when played hard. Guitar seriously looks like it has never been played and the guy said he probably played it ten minutes. It plays like a beauty though, I thoroughly enjoy it, I am just not allowed more guitars than I currently have, wifes rules lol. Anyway I am going to post it on ebay soon if I don't get any takers here. any questions let me know. Google sa1060z it is a black "leathertop" beauty of a guitar, also super light and comfy to sit and play. thanks for looking! Comes with prestige case, whammy bar, some tools, instructions, all tags and everything.