I want to start playing at gigs but have no idea what to buy. Right now I'm playing through a 15 vyper amp soo that's not going to cut it at shows. So it'd be cool if someone could recommend an amp setup I can start off on.


Edit: Guitar- schecter damien 6, looking to play metal mostly.
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Get a Multi-Effects Pedal and a speaker not amp.

^^This is how I'm currently running my set up. This is all you really need.(or straight from pedal to PA/mixer)^^Be mindful that you will be sacrificing tone with a cheaper pedal. (if I had the dough I'd obviously get a nicer pedal or an amp)
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Two out of six isn't bad.

TS - Just answer those questions either in a new post or edited into the OP here and we can help. Remember; the more info you give us the better our suggestions will be. Seeing as though you have a modeler, telling us what models you like and don't like could be very helpful.
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