Talk about your music scene and what makes it special. Talk about the clubs, the people,and the bands.

Lets try and all be polite and respectful of each other this isn't a contest.

Feel free to post music, pictures, or anything that represents YOUR scene.

I'm from San Antonio. Last Fall the producer of The Strokes came and started producing all these little bands in my scene many of whom I am friends with. The Scene in San Antonio is known for metal and punk music, but there is an AMAZING underground scene of this very Black Keys like (but very original) blues music. Its kind of classic rock and roll, blues, dub, with lots of balls.

My friend In Tangible Green http://youtu.be/H8g4N_OUoxY is a very introverted, quite, funny guy, who turns into a beast on stage. He looks like jimi hendrix if he was a white wrestler. Once he smashed a Strat in a tiny bar in front of 20 kids and just walked out the front door. It was the most bad ass thing I have ever seen.

The band Education http://youtu.be/hgOYIaub8a8 is the big name in town. Their music sounds like if johnny cash and the dead Kennedys had a baby, and that baby wrote epic love songs.

not part of the blues side of things but equally, if not more important, is dubstep

artists like Crizzly and Marrow Machines are blowing it up right now



now its your turn!
Lisa Frank and Sticky Bandits. San Antonio Punk! : D
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