Guvera - Free Music

So if youre not interested Im not trying to spam so just dont sign up, sorry I wasted 5 seconds of your life, but if youre interested in free music this site is pretty cool. Basically every month or so all the channels give you two free downloads and so you can get about 8 songs a month. The selection is decent, not incredible, and the quantity is a little lacking but lets be honest, free is free. I use this site primarily to get songs Im either not sure Ill like or dont want to spend 99 cents on but dont want to download illegally.

Anyway the contest piece is whoever gets the most people to join before the end of may gets a free skateboard autographed by Hollywood Undead. Not my favorite band, or hobby, but it would still be sick to have.

Thanks in advance, and once again sorry if i wasted your time.