Hey guys, didnt find too much on this browsing through google so thought I'd bring it here...I'm gonna be replacing the pickguard on my strat and i am currently thinking of either wood inlayed with stained glass, or completely stained glass. I guess my main question is does anyone know how it would impact the sound if much at all? I would assume it might make it a more thin sound, maybe more trebly?
I'd assume it would be pretty hard to thread the pup height screws in glass, and it seems kinda fragile to me. Not something I'd use on a guitar that going to be played very often.

See through acrylic seems better to me but of course its your choice
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Honestly it shouldn't have to much of an effect on your tone at all. It might accentuate some frequencies and muddy up others but as to what those ranges are I know not. That said it should be negligible given that a normal plastic pickguard doesn't add or detract from a guitar's tone. It's an inherent property of the part itself.

That said, I would agree with the above advice and go for either the Acrylic option or stick to your original Wood with Glass inlays just because dealing with the screws will be easier.
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i think that i would recomend a wooden frame with stained glass, or inlayed glass. from what i remember, the stuff they use to connect stained glass pieces isnt all that sturdy, so a wood frame would be good.

i dont think it would have a large impact on tone though.
If you just want the stained glass look, get a clear pickguard and paint it with translucent paints to look like stained glass.

You'll want to paint on the underside of the pickguard so it won't come off easy. Paint the outlines first then paint the "glass" pieces. Depending on the color of you guitar you might need to out a light opaque layer of color behind the "glass" so it will show up. Then you'll need to seal it with a clear coat to keep in on well and to keep the paint from the pickguard from coming of on the guitar.
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