What do you guys do with your broken cymbals?

I've only ever broken one, and I still have it after all this time; still not quite sure what to do with it.
Theres a guy on youtube called Felipe Torres I think, and he has a video on stacking cymbals up and how you can use broken ones. I only have one spare cymbal sadly and its sounds like beating on a burned out car.

Edit - This is the vid

Spiraling Up Through the Crack in the Sky...

...Leaving Material World Behind...


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As painful as it is the best thing to do that situation is throw them out. I have broken a few in my day and realize they belong in the garbage after that happens because it sounds terrible. Some guys try to save them by chopping a part of the cymbal off but I wouldn't recommend it. Don't ever buy solar sabians or zildjian zbts I had to find out the hard way.
I have a crack in one of my zbts...sitting on the shelf right now

I suggest hacking it up...whats the worst that can happen? at best you get a cool, unique sounding cymbal, at worst, its still junk

i just need to get the tools...