Hey guys. My band and I have recently started penning songs for a new demo.

As the primary lyricist, I often find myself trying to come up with song titles BEFORE writing the actual lyrics or even constructing the music. I frequently would come up with nifty song title that reflects the subject matter of the song. I then would write the lyrics based around that subject matter.

Do any of you ever come up with song titles before writing the actual lyrics?

A lot of my musical influences have written songs in such a fashion.

One good example is U2. Just listen to the U2 song "The Unforgettable Fire". The words "unforgettable fire" is never mentioned anywhere in the lyrics of the song.

So has anyone here ever written songs in this manner?
Actually, that could just be that U2 wrote a song and was unable to name it. Then they thought about the song and named it that way.

Anyway, I do sometimes come up with a song title and then work on the song. Sometimes I stick with the song title, sometimes I change it. Sometimes I just write a whole piece and then figure out the title.
There isn't really any need for me to base my lyrics on the title. To me it's other way around. Either my song is about the title and that's why the title is named by "theme" sort of; the lyrics include the title either repeated or just said once, etc... Or then the title just is something I figured in my head cause I could not come up with anything better.
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Must be a standard way or writing for band lyricists! I do that too!

Although there's not set way to do it I guess. Sometimes I think 'that is an AWESOME song title' then only end up using it in one of the lyrics.
Yeah, most of the time when I write I just strum chords until a phrase occurs to me, sometimes it's the title, sometimes it's just a lyric, but it generally works.
I always name songs before I write the lyrics. Occasionally I change the title to fit the lyrics, sometimes I don't.
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What you're doing might be good thing, because if you have a song title, then you have some direction for the music.