I was unsure as to what forum this should be posted in, so I'm assuming Acoustic & Classical Guitar is the closest you can get to a banjo.
Anyway, i am trying to find a banjo either online or at a store for 100-300 dollars. I don't want some sort of generic entry-level banjo so I'd like attempt to find a more decent one at that price. Thanks
banjo is so cool, i wouldnt play one but some people can rock that shit

sorry thats all I got
if you can up your budget about $100, MF has the Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo for $399.99. Deering is one of the best manufacturers of banjos I've ever heard of. Great reviews, reputable company.
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I agree, everyone mentions the Deering line for a good, solid entry-level instrument.

My very first instrument, way back around '75, was a really cheap banjo. It sounded so bad I traded it in for a guitar...
Yup they got it right. It's hard to find a good banjo in your price range. Deering makes the best of the entry level instruments I have played. Also maybe check out Goldtones. They are pretty good. A word of advice is steer clear of Fender, Rouge, ans Washburn banjos
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Hmm... I have absolutely no idea whether these banjos are worth a flying flip, but as Agile guitars seem to be pretty popular around the electric guitar forum, I have to wonder a bit about:


It certainly looks pretty, but at that price it's a gamble. There's probably decent ones and total lemons, and you might end up returning one or two if they're terrible, but I often hear that after you get a decent stock instrument and an upgrade or two, stuff from Rondo tends to be worth the relatively meager investment.

That having been said, I'm not recommending the banjo, just tossing the name out. (I have an rather cheap Flint Hill banjo--$135--that I got for my birthday. Perhaps it's just that I haven't played a really nice banjo, but this one plays fine to me. If you've got up to $300 to burn, though, try to get the best you can.)
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. The Deering banjo seems like one of my top options. I'm going to keep looking into it, but that seems to be a really good company. Holy shit, i didn't realize that banjos can get up to $3,000. Earl Scruggs and Steve Martin are the only banjo players I've ever heard of that would be able to afford that.
They can get well over that price check out the Gibson Top Tension RB18. Retails for just under 10K. I forgot to tell you. Check out Janet Davis music, they have a relly good website and excellent customer service. I got my dobro from there and I was really happy with them.
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