Hey guys, need some help arranging my pedals.. heres what i have;

Line6 Dl4
Boss dd7
Boss eq
Boss super shifter
Boss tuner
MXR comp
Boss volume pedal

Using effects loop through an orange rockerverb 50 combo

Any suggestions welcome, thanks
*I would*

tuner/volume/mxr comp/dd7/amp(loop follows)/shifter/EQ/DL4

1) lets you tune silently
2) feeds a stronger signal to your amp
3) gives you versatility with your delays
4) gets more milage out of your shifter by letting you tame its highs with the EQ (or tighten up the lows depending on how you use it, same concept)

though there are several conceivable arrangements with the pedals I've placed in your loop. that's an interresting assortment you've got there. what are your targeted sounds?

in any case, tuner, volume, comp up front, in that order or with the comp before the volume, both could work well.

Errr, uhhh, may I interject a little ol' question here? Oh goody, tyvm.

Is there a basic set of rules for how to hook up pedals (for use with and without an EFX loop)? If so, where may we find it? I ask because, 1.) The thread starter here could benefit from it, I could as well, and I'm sure we're not alone. 2.) I just updated and added a large number of pedals to my gear but am a total noob to using them.

Any help from ANYONE is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the advice Ski.

the sound im after is post rock/ambient/altenative rock. I want to be able to do soundscape but also switch to heavy breakdows etc.

Also, slightly confused as to why you split up the delays?
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