First part of a song I'm working on... just wanted to get some feedback =P

I use GP6 so I can only upload the midi and wav files, but the wav files are pretty massive. Here's a youtube link so you can hear how it sounds with the RSE.


Thanks =)
01 - Buried At Sea.mid
01 - Buried At Sea.gpx
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BTBAM influence was obvious, and it sounded great. Pretty cool song, but the entire time I was wishing you'd revisit the intro. That was something special, I think you should def bring it back in to close the song out or something.

But good job man, it was sick.

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I haven't downloaded the GP file so I'm just going off the youtube with RSE. I'm a big Explosions In The Sky fan so the Intro was obviously my favorite part and I agree with Blake, I would've loved to have seen the intro revisited as it was really a nice piece of work there. I'm not much of a core guy anymore but the "core" part was still enjoyable for me but the drums did seem to a little to be desired in my opinion. Overall it was nice and something that if expanded on could really be a nice unique blend of Post-Rock and Core.

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Listening to the midi form, I feel RSE doesn't give me a clear enough sound of things, makes things mash too much.

0-20 seconds: Haha, with midi it made me think of Final Fantasy so much... But nonetheless, I like it.

24-40: Like the gradual buildup, very fitting.

41-1:12: More buildup, good.

Rest of it: Lots of constant nice low register riffs. My only complaint is that it feels a bit 'empty' with both guitars playing the same exact thing the whole time. It's a really hollow sound, especially with, as mentioned above, the drums not contributing too well. The riffs themselves were good, don't get me wrong, but I feel that having one guitar varied somewhat sometimes or some different sounding sections in between the riffs would contribute a lot and make it run into itself a lot less.

Also the breakdown at the end... ehhhhhh.

Overall, a good start though, lots of potential just waiting to be tapped!
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Please check it out? ;D

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Okay ill elaborate more from before...
The intro was sexy it had a build up feeling and just the tone of sadness and epicness.
And the little change up has good potential, it was a great idea but i think the drums and such could get a little more crazy like blast beats and such. also i think you should have brought that sweet intro back but more heavy like as an outro. You should extend the song.
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