I've been having an dilemma which is best for practice. Playing scales and scale's chord with a metronome or doing your usual all four fingers on the fretboard going up and down ( doing once picking, the second time hammer/pull offs ) changing metronome speed but without playing any scales really. What I want is to get the most for my practice times. Which practice routines are the best in you opinion ? ANy help is appreciated . Thx in advance
if you have access to recording software why not just lay down a drum loop set the speed and add a simple synthed background. I do it all the time takes no more than 5 minutes. By keeping it in midi format you can change the keys easily. or if you dont have recording software try finding a bunch of backing tracks.

Im a solid believer in the best way to learn anything is to apply it to a real situation. By using a metronome and just walking up and down no matter how fruity you make it is just an excersice in timing really. which is super handy. But you might get more enjoyment by applying it to a real live situation. Also the backing tracks will help you to develop the style of playing rather than just a monotonic sound.

Hope it helps

^ this

what are you really accomplishing by learning to go up and down a scale quickly?
answer, the ability to play through a scale quickly.

the next question, what are you going to use that ability for?
nothing, unless you plan on just running through a scale. you will make 10x more progress by jamming to a backing track.
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