I'll crit yours if you crit mine.

I watch your chest cavities expand and colapse
My pulse quickens; it's not surprise that I can't relax
Obviously the elephant in the room is me
Unwiling to come out of my tomb
My womb, get born, get ready
Darling do you think you can hold me steady?

I wanna find beauty in the most unlikely places
Familiar faces
I wanna see them in a different way (x2)

I'm gonna find the motive behind your every quirk
I wish I was the oil between the cogs
That make your mind work


If I could be frank for a moment
You know that I would
But I know that I can't
So this is what you get for wanting to be with me
Redundant poetry

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I really liked the first couple lines in the first verse, it seemed to be more advanced language then most songs and its not a bad song to be honest