Okay, my shure sm58 quit working. I checked my cable with my guitar's xlr jack, and its fine, but my mic won't pick up any sound. Naturally, I took it apart and found that it had been unscrewed on the inside and the mic part just pulls out. Its still wired up and I have all the screws and washers. The question is, what is wrong with it and how do I fix it/ get it all back together?
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The diaphragm (mic part) threads could be part of the circuit. Probably a ground. Screw it in, see what happens. If you still have no sound pull out the back of the mic slooooooowly. The XLR itself might have disconnected.
I have a threaded post on the diaphram, two nuts, two gripping washers, a smooth washer, and a pipe-like spacer sleeve for the bolt. This won't all fit on the bolt when its installed. How do I put it together?

Also, I checked the xlr and it looks fine.
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Ok. Next best thing I can think of is this: On the main casing of the mic you'll see that it's 2 pieces. About a third of the way down from the Shure label you'll see the gap. It's threaded there. It'll be tough but you can unscrew that. OR send it to Shure, they have a lifetime warrantee.
Yea, I unscrewed that to find that the diaphram was not screwed into place as it should have been. There were all those loose parts in the cavity
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Aaah, got it. Sorry, I don't know the order of them all. Did you take note of how they looked when loose?
Ok, the diaphram has a bolt that goes inside the body, through the top piece of the body, and bolts on. When u take the body apart, the bolt's nuts and stuff go on in there. They were on the bottom of the cavity, loose in there. No order to be seen.
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