I recently got really into the chili peppers, always been a fan, but starting to learn tons of songs by them and getting more into funk.
But i don't really know about any other bands that goes heavily towards the funk genre, but i would like to start listening more to funk.
Any tips on other funk bands i should start listening to?
check out jamiroquai its like jazz funk and acid jazz.
its ridiculously bad ass
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Extreme. Nuno bettencourts the guitarist. Really badass guitarist.

Check out get the funk out, play with me, peacemaker die.
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Try Funkadelic and Parliament. Maggot Brain is a great album by Funkadelic. It's always welcome in my CD player. George Clinton headed both of these bands and I know that the Chili's were heavily influenced by everything George Clinton.
Try James Brown as well. Some great riffs to be learnt there.

Or alternatively: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy9jlUGB1q8
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anything by james brown. brothers johnson. weather report before heavy weather. Parliament/Funkadelic. Mother's Finest. Tower of Power. Sly and the Family Stone. Early Prince. Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall"
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Not enough people around here talking about the funk. I started a thread today with a list of good funk or jazz/funk artists. Don't be afraid of soul-funk either, theres some really classic -stuff in that genre. Like people said above Parliament and Funkadelic. Funkadelic has more guitars, but Parliament is way more spacey-party type music, bass guitar, horns, and keys. Eddie Hazel was their guitarist and he is a bad mf. George Benson is a great guitarist but he's a bit more jazzy than funky. The album Mind Transplant by Alphonse Mouzon; Early Isaac Hayes with the Bar-Kays.

Final advice: Go on youtube and look up any video by Calicard, VeeWee, MusicMinor25, magrosi. Any of those cats should have a nice selection of funk and jazz/funk for you to listen to.

Thanks for joining the funkateers, now please keep your hands and feet inside the cosmic ride at all times.
Well, Rage Against the Machine and early Incubus were Funk Metal.
Can't really name any bands that are just Funk.
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