I'm diversifying and my Ibanez S540 is about to leave. I love the sound from the Ibz/USA pickups in that guitar and since I'm building an s470 anyway, I'm wondering what pickups would be closest to the Ibz/USAs, regardless of brand etc. I know Ibanez switched to the Quantum pickups in 94, so are those a lot different than the Ibz/USA pickups or are they pretty much the same thing? I'd just go out and buy the USAs but I can't find them anywhere, while quantums are on ebay all the time.
Any information would be helpful.

I've also got some dimarzio/ibz pickups I took out of my RG2550 I could stick in the S, how do those compare?
According to your sig, the 2550 is a "Prestige". The 540 wont even come close. The pickups on the Prestige are hard to beat. Put those into a good Mahogany body and your guitar will sound pretty nice I think.
That's what I'm considering but on the other hand they were designed for the basswood RG while the S is mahogany, which means they'll sound different. If I could pick up something similar to the Ibz/USAs which I have experience in that wood with I'd be happy. Otherwise, the RG's pickups are probably going into the S.
Ummmm, "made for basswood"? I think those pickups are only sold in guitars with a Mahogany body.......

I think they're the same as what's in my Prestige, and that isn't basswood

I'd put the Prestige PUP's into that S body in a split second.
Yup, just looked. My Prestige has Air Norton/Tone Zone humbuckers made by DiMarzio in the good ol' USA. The guitar is made in Japan. Sounds the same to me. I'd put those into that S body if the wood is anything better than the Prestige they're in.
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What are you talking about? The Tone Zone/Norton in my RG are aftermarket, they only come in the 3000 series as stock. The 3000 series is also basswood. The Dimarzio/Ibz pickups are what was in it stock (this is what is marked on them, this is not just what I'm calling them) and yes my guitar is most definitely not mahogany.... :S?

Bottom line - the Dimarzio/Ibz are made for the basswood body. They do not come in mahogany guitars. This is why I said what I said. They might sound good in mahogany but they might not. I guess we'll see if I don't get anything else to put in there.
Sorry, didn't know the difference between the various level of the Prestiges. Mine is a 4570, it had those pup's in it as it comes new. I think the RG4570ZHBK is the top of the Prestige line, and it comes with those, so I'd assume they are pretty good pickups. If I had a way, I'd put them in my RG5EX1