My band's started scheduling with bars and stuff, and I've been faced with the reality that my bass drum hates me. By the end of most songs, my bass drum will be far enough away from me that I can barely play it. In my basement, I deal with this by putting heavy buckets that I found in my basement (not really sure what's in them) in front of my bass drum (and the hi-hat, as well; it also moves a lot) to keep it from moving. In our practice space, there's fairly thick carpeting, which keeps it from moving.

However, in a live situation, the stage almost always has wooden flooring, and putting a large bucket in front of the bass drum would look unprofessional. So, what are your suggestions?
Get a cheap rug, perhaps? You can use it for shows and in your basement.
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Get a cheap rug, perhaps? You can use it for shows and in your basement.
At my band's first gig, the drummer of the band we were opening for folded one in half, and duct-taped it in front of my bass drum, and it worked pretty well. Do most people do it that way, or do most just put the rug under the legs of the bass drum?
Do you just put it under the front of the bass drum, or do you fold it over like I mentioned in the above post?
just put it under, there are rugs sold on muscians friend just for it
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Nope, just put the entire thing (especially the legs) onto a rug, you should have no problems whatsoever. Folding isn't necessary, and IMO a bigger rug is a better rug anyway.
I use thick carpeting, it was a cut off from when I was laying down new carpet for a living room. it was wide enough for my bass drum, and long enough to get my stool on. I've also seen drummers gift wrap a brick or two, even small cement block, and put it on a small piece of carpet infront of the bass drum.
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I've seen plenty of bands just throw a cinder block or something in front of the drum. Keep in mind that this is usually at DIY shows though.
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This is a great solution to keep your bass drum from sliding. I have been using it for over 2 years. Works on all surfaces. I never carry a carpet. Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bensonmusic/stop-the-creep

That's actually a decent idea, but I would have a very hard time being convinced to leave the rug behind. It's main purpose is to keep the bass drum from moving yes, but it also keeps everything else in place. I'm so used to playing on rugs it would be jarring to change.
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So glad to see this post and it's suggestions for a resolution. I am a new drummer (about a year). I thought I was the only one having this problem. I use a small bathroom rug to prevent the bass from slipping away from me. However, if I were on stage, I wouldn't know what to do. Thanks for posting this.