I'm pretty new to guitar, I mean two years, but I am just getting into like small gigs and I want to sound my best and have my guitar to the best shape as I can. I play a 1997 DanE dc59 reissue and the truss rod is at the body side of the neck and I have to take it apart to adjust it which screws me cause I cant measure it.. and so I was just wondering what you guys who have played for a while do for maintenence type stuff, should I seek like just one guy to get to know my guitar or should I just go anywhere. are small shop luthiers better or the GC ones? like better service.. anyway just let me know your experiences...

It's not that I can't adjust the rod myself, because I have, it just is a long process to get it perfect and I kind of want a luthier to have a look at it and maybe just this summer do an adjustment so I can get the best play i can out of it.

thats about it..thanks
Danelectro 1959 reissue

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